This Course is designed to provide training and learning platforms for leadership development that will sensitize and equip students to think solutions and generate vision , goals and plans as talents are nurtured, potentials harnessed towards spearheading the change that is envisioned . The Diploma in Leadership Development (DLD) will focus on imparting leadership skills and capacity in individuals preparing to function in positions of responsibility and those entrusted with leadership at the different levels.

Our quest in this regard is to awaken the Leader in the students of this programme and empower them to take charge in all their endeavours and callings. The Diploma in Leadership Development will provide a theoretical and practical framework in creating a strong link between the foundation programme of the Certificate in Leadership Development Studies programme and the expectations for applying Leadership thoughts and skills in addressing the everyday challenges in different contexts.

Its Objectives Include:

  1. To provide an enhanced leadership training  framework for persons on the verge of or recently appointed to leadership positions
  2. To provide qualitative impact driven training and Leadership development strategies / skills for Staff, Supervisors and Junior Managers
  3. To enrich the human and leadership potentials of in the workforce to serve as catalyst and agents of change, in addressing the challenges of the Nation, Continent and World.