The African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC), Covenant University (CU) commemorated the International Women’s Day (IWD) event on March 8th, 2018. The focus of the event was to mark the International Women’s Day by lending a voice towards the creation of platforms for women to venture into new areas where their skills will be required, by breaking out of the traditional modes and stirring stimulus for change in addressing leadership issues as it relates to women.

The target audience of the event included women within the University staff and student community as well as other individuals who were interested in the objectives of the program, irrespective of gender. The day was marked with 2 key events:

  1. A seminar with the male and female faculty of Covenant University titled, “Press For Progress: Upscaling Women’s Representation in Leadership”.
  2. A personalized round table session where the guest speaker, Barrister Timipre Wolo interacted more closely with certain individuals, drawing key life and leadership lessons from her own experiences.


Present at the event opening were the University’s Principal Officers. The event began with welcome remarks from the Director of the African Leadership Development Centre, Professor Aize Obayan and the opening was done by the Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Professor A.A.A. Atayero. Other remarks were given by the Deputy Coordinator, Faculty Women’s Advance (FWA), Dr. Tayo George and then the Education Secretary, Education Commission, Living Faith Church Worldwide (LFCWW) Professor Bridget Sokan. The various remarks captured the importance of celebrating the International Women’s day in line with women’s contributions to the growth of families and organizations.

The guest speaker, Barrister Timipre Wolo charged the audience on the theme “Press for Progress”, with a focus on “Upscaling Women’s representation in Leadership”. The paper was presented as a narrative in the course of which she used her life’s experiences and her leadership journey to highlight leadership lessons and key principles, especially for women who seek to shatter the glass ceiling in their various fields of business and career.

The event was anchored by Dr. Esther Oyewunmi and concluded with wonderful remarks from the participants highlighting the challenges women face in climbing the rungs of leadership. Professor Bridget Sokan’s closing remark was filled with commendation for the guest speaker for delivering an extremely impactful seminar paper that would go a long way in helping women overcome challenges faced in the course of achieving their goals in life. Professor Bishop went on further to highlight the uniqueness of every woman emphasizing that “As women, we are not in competition with any man. However we must escape all possible limitations to achieve God’s given plan and purpose for our lives”. Professor Marvel Akinyemi emphasized the importance of breaking through every possible barrier to achieve our goals whether as a man or a woman, stressing a key statement from the Barrister Wolo’s presentation, stating that, “If you are not invited to have a seat at the table, create your own table and invite others to come and seat with you.” Furthermore, Dr Tayo George announced the upcoming conference on the FWA platform in September 2018.

The event was concluded with the cutting of a beautiful cake to mark the celebration - which bore the logos of ALDC, CU, FWA and IWD. This segment was anchored by Professor Marvel Akinyemi. Closing remarks were given by the Director, ALDC, Professor Aize Obayan and the Vote of Thanks by the Programme Officer External, ALDC, Miss Iruka Obi.

At the close of the main event, group photographs were taken, light refreshments were served as the participants of the conference networked and interacted with the guest speaker and other participants.


The round table discussion was the highlight of the IWD 2018 event. Nineteen participants were in attendance comprising male and female students, members of faculty and other guests from the main event. The session was highly impactful as it involved personal responses by Barrister Wolo to all individual questions from the participants.

Issues relating to leadership and being exceptional, particularly as a woman were elucidated on a very personal level with threads in line with Vision building, Business and Career Success, Faith and Confidence in God, being discussed in response to cogent, deep and personal questions coming from all participants of the roundtable with thorough responses from the guest speaker, Barrister Wolo and the Director ALDC, Professor Obayan.

The discussion was wrapped up by the Director ALDC, who anchored a session where highlights and lessons to be learnt were gleaned from the round table discussions. Each participant was expected to highlight a leadership lesson they had been greatly impacted by, based on the session and all 19 participants gave responses.

The IWD event was a highly successful event as many participants had their expectations exceeded and all were highly impacted.


The feedback from the event was humbling. Under listed are direct responses from some participants on the impact of the program

  • “It encouraged me to think more broadly.” - David Toritse
  • “The level of interactive participation was amazing as well as the guest speaker herself.” - Ajayi Favour
  • “It made me understand that my gender notwithstanding, once I'm able to deliver results and make positive impact, there'll be no limit to my influence and success.” - Chimuanya Lily
  • “It opened my mind to unlimited possibilities with God.” - Adeyemi Oluwafisayo
  • “It inspired me to keep pursuing my goals and to help as many people as I can achieve theirs as well.” - Mosimabale Unini
  • “It inspired me not to limit myself within my academic discipline.” - Eke Kanayo
    “It really inspired me to work harder to pursue my goals” - Alabi Joys
  • “I learned a lot about being thankful, and turning negativity into positive energy. I learnt about selflessness, resilience and to always see the bigger picture!” - Nuka-Nwikpasi Nualee
  • “I was inspired by the speaker's resilience and doggedness” - Okenze Gloria
  • “I’ve gained great knowledge about the power of a woman and how I can greatly impact my society by putting in my best to build my capacity as a person. I also got to know that no dream is too big” - Eniayekan Motunrayo
  • “It painted a vivid picture of my inherent abilities as a woman and how I can explore it to the fullest without giving room for excuses.” - Olokoyo Felicia
  • “The program me was highly IMPACTFUL as it was an avenue for self-discovery towards vision actualization for me. The guest speaker inspired me greatly.” - Oromidayo Temitope
  • “It made me voraciously seek for ways to help people in my community. It made me understand that I have a far greater responsibility to play in my community as a Woman” - Nkire Love

Pictures from IWD2018