Dr. David Oyedepo,
Chancellor, Covenant University & Visioner, ALDC

Leadership is the big issue of the hour in our great Continent of Africa today.  Indeed, most of the nations of the world devastated by prolonged wars, and seemingly unending wars at that, are nations with failed leadership. The greatest challenge of Africa in the 21st century is leadership. ALDC is therefore poised to address issues of Leadership Development across diverse contexts.

I therefore believe that the leadership development quest of the African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC) is a most noble one in searching out solutions to this big challenge, as agents of rescue are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills base through their participation in the Leadership Development Programmes of the African Leadership Development Centre.

Dr. David O. Oyedepo On Leadership

A leader is a product of efficient management of oneself, time, task and resources

You cannot tell how much you are worth until you succeed in managing yourself efficiently

The Bible is not just a book but a manual for maximising destiny. A practical manual to be applied.

Responsibility is the price for greatness and everyone must rise to take charge of their destinies.

All smart time investors end up as stars in their respective fields of endeavour