Towards a Total Graduate (TTG) is a programme specially designed to prepare students for their commencement into the World of Works and life after University, following the completion of their studentship in Covenant University. TTG is packaged to provide students with a platform where they are equipped via a selection of highly inspiring lectures, skills training and group interactions cutting across foundation in Principles of Spirituality / World of Work / Personal Development.  TTG can be described as a bridge-builder between University and the World of Work and provides a secure and holding base for students as they are groomed to become Total and Rounded graduates, ready to make their transition from University to the World of Work and engage with the realities of the external context of the University, post-graduation from Covenant University. The words of the Chancellor of Covenant University at the first Matriculation Ceremony in January 2003, in envisioning future pathways for the University, is apt here in communicating the essence of TTG. The main objective of the TTG programme is to ensure that there is alignment between the overall experience and skills acquired in the University with the external context of the World of Work in a way that makes students fit to deliver relevant contributions that graduates from the University context are expected to bring on board to the societal and work contexts.

…..We are committed to producing into the labour force, active agents of change whose appearance will lead to new demonstration of integrity, probity, assiduity, and sustained growth.